Monday, March 21, 2011

Sile bace pada 01-01-2012

Dear future Ajam Haron,
Amacam ngn kerja kt Burberry tuh? Harap2 masih lagi bekerja di sana. Udah2 la tu asik tukar2 kerja. Di harapkan bile bace entri ni, future Ajam still lg kt Burberry ek? Bukan senang nk dapat kerja skrang nih, n ramai org yg x bekerja nak carik kerja...Kerja rajin2 tau? Layla Luna camane? Da berisi berisi ke belum? Condodition macamane? Harap2 da OK sume2 yek?

Kereta amacam? Savvy lg? atau da cilok Vios TRD tuh? GTR150 tu da angkut lum? ke da angkat ER-6N? huhu...Peringatan, bawak kereta atau motor jgn laju2 sangat k?

Banyak nak tanye nih, tapi x pelah...nanti2 la post lg kat cni tuk tatapan future Ajam..
Semoga sihat2 selalu..

Dari Ajam

Thursday, March 3, 2011

There's a secret

Over a year ago, Layla Luna had been on a surgery. Cystectomy Laproscopic to remove cyst near Layla Luna's right ovary. And later this February, a cyst was again detected on Layla Luna's left ovary. It's now 6cm by diameter roughly as the actual size was not been accurately measured yet as Layla Luna informed me in a saddened and depressed tone. I'm shocked again (but manage to keep my cool in front of her)...same way I did a year before but this time I'll be ready as in a few months from now Layla Luna would be undergo the same procedure...again...or not, if there's another way to put out the cyst without going for surgical procedure. Layla Luna already had 3 scars on her belly from the previous operation, and I still remembered seeing Layla Luna lying on the hospital bed, weak, holding the pain of the cut on her belly and chest after the surgery. But she is strong and patience and I'll pray the best for Layla Luna...

Layla Luna means so much for me. . .

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

jadi kenangan..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

File Lame

This has been a tiring week...Starting a new job, adapting to the new environment and getting familiar with new colleages and superiors makes my head aches. Thank god i'm off tomorrow..yey!! Rest!!

Dalam penat2 tu, semalam dok selak2 file terjumpe something...khazanah nasional..hahaha
Dah mencecah 3 tahun... Catatan untuk rekod di masa akan datang..hihihi

Zaman bercinte dolu-kala... MMS lukisan tangan..ambik kau!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

hectic week

Perghh...takde mase nak update blog nih...sibuk kije kat ##@@** .. huhu...dpt kawan baru muke macam anas tahir..plis,plis,plis kamoo janga nakaaa..huhu

aduii...masalah bertalu-talu menimpa diri...hanya tuhan yang tahu... biarlah rahsia

Monday, June 28, 2010


No much things happened this week. As i'm still waiting, not much things i can do or share. But as these 2-3 days passes by, I saw Layla Luna were now into Lady Gaga. She's kept humming the 'Pokerface' of Glee cast version since she watched the 'Theatrical Episode' last week. Eversince that, she'd also downloaded the song included the 'Bad Romance' vid clip. Geez. She's also now into Australia's Next Top Model. She'd watched the back to back episodes on StarWorld. Wow. Not much I can say about that. Huhu... 

by Google

And recently Layla Luna and I also watched these movies 'The Karate Kid' and 'Knight and Day'. These movies were likely fun to watch. The storyline were great. The actions and scenes were awesome. The characters were linked to the conflicts and issue accordingly. The continuity of both movies were good. Didn't find any bloopers or mistakes in both of the movies except there were delayed transitions in 1-2 scenes during scene changes. Enough said... Good movies for good entertainment!

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Ape yang tak kena dengan ini gambar?

the Menantu of Hajah Halimah
Hahaha..i've completed my stamp-cloning skills in Adobe Photoshop CS3..